About Us

Mrs. T's Bakery was established as a result of 30 years of baking delicious cakes, cookies, pies, and breads for her husband, nine children, family and friends. 

Mrs. T's Bakery is a home-based bakery located near Collegeville, PA. Mrs. T bakes delicious down to earth cakes, cookies, pies, and breads. Mrs. T even bakes her own homemade granola cereal, all from scratch, ready to be served in your own home.

Mrs. T was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA; this is where it all began…

Growing up as one of eleven, Mrs. T’s home never had a dull moment and was always busy. This of course didn’t exclude the kitchen. She eagerly watched her mother in the kitchen and was amazed at how “Mommy” had time to make wholesome, good old-fashioned meals. Mrs. T was curious to learn the art of cooking, so she made her way into the kitchen and asked lots of questions. Before long, she was cooking alongside her mother.

As time passed, Mrs. T married and all her cooking skills were put to the test. First, with her husband and then the nine children that followed. Mrs. T had started keeping some of her mother’s recipes in a book that her family called “The Strawberry Book" (the name derived from all the fresh strawberries that were pictured on the book’s cover). Recording those “Mommy Secrets” paid off in the years to come, as Mrs. T’s siblings would often comment after some of her meals, ”Ummmm, this tastes just like Mommy's cooking.”

 Mrs. T’s curiosity of cooking never left her, and she longed to broaden her culinary horizons by venturing into different cuisines: Greek, Asian, Indian, etc. This cooking ambition inspired Mrs. T’s unique style of adding ingredients and tweaking recipes for A Taste Above the Rest.

Mrs. T’s kitchen became her area of creative expression, and like any professional artist, she took her work seriously. So with that said, of course there were rules to follow: Her family can recall how just about every week night there was a home cooked meal, one they had to eat their vegetables first. The next rule was if they wasted or picked over their dinner, then no dessert. And the most important rule of all: Mrs. T never wanted her children or even her husband in the kitchen while she whipped up her fabulous meals and baked goods! (Artists need their own creative space, you know).  

Now, I know Mrs. T may sound a little on the tough side, so here’s the softer side of her we’d like to mention: She aims to please and strives for perfection. Let’s talk about her Sunday dinners for starters: they are always bumpin' Mommy bumpin', as the children would say. Mrs. T rises early, just like her mother did, to prepare that savory meat and at least three sides, homemade rolls, and if she has spare time, a scrumptious baked specialty. Oh, and to show you how gracious she really is…On birthdays, she bakes the favorite cake request of that special birthday person. 

Mrs. T remembered her kitchen days with her mother, and after having four daughters of her own, she decided that they needed to know what it takes to prepare meals and bake from scratch. So, they all took cooking lessons from Mrs. T. Their meals and baked goods came out edible (most times) but no comparison to Mrs. T. Her family credits her with a gift and natural touch in the kitchen. Jessica (the youngest daughter) told the family that when she and Mrs. T would be in the kitchen together, Mrs. T would send her out so she could add "the secret ingredient". Jessica may have been teasing, but the taste proved it to be very true. 

Then the day came when Mrs. T’s children became young adults and most of them moved out. Her nest was getting smaller, but her love for cooking and baking continued to grow. It was her passion. A passion her husband had noticed years ago, and therefore suggested that she start a "home bakery", and sell her products online. With much resistance, Mrs. T pushed the thought aside, even though she had ventured into vending and other cooking escapades. But like every artist, her creative "haven" called her back...the place she loved...the place she felt she fit most...her beloved kitchen. 

As years passed, Mrs. T began to consider her husband's words...a home bakery. What was there to hinder her from pursuing her dream...her passion? Most of the children were grown, her daily tasks were not as great as they had been, and she had what every artist needs...time. So as her husband fired up her inspiration, she fired up her oven and established...Mrs. T's Bakery. Now, not only can her family and friends experience the unique quality and flavors Mrs. T has to offer, but you can too! You can see for yourself that Mrs. T's Bakery is simply, A Taste Above the Rest.

Mrs. T's Creative "Culinary Studio"...Her Kitchen!

Mrs. T's Bakery is registered and licensed with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services.

Registration No.: 122735